Odoo 人力资源外包

通过 Markworth 的 Odoo 专家提升您的人力资源水平


Markworth 人力资源团队

在 Markworth,我们相信每一个成功企业的核心都在于人才。我们的专家能够满足您的人力资源需求,并确保精确高效地处理所有任务。我们利用 Odoo 的强大功能实现了人力资源流程的自动化和组织化,这不仅能最大限度地减少错误,还能让您腾出时间专注于核心业务运营。

利用灵活的 odoo 培训平台,随时随地进行持续技能发展

我们通过 Odoo 在线学习管理员工培训的整个过程。我们的团队可以开发互动数字学习模块,让您的员工随时随地在任何设备上学习新技能和新知识。我们的动态测验和调查可实时评估知识保留情况,为有效学习提供即时反馈。

使用 Markworth 轻松发薪​

通过我们的专家协助和 Odoo 数据库,简化您的薪资责任和合规流程。我们负责管理所有薪资业务,包括工资计算、税务合规、记录保存和报告,这样您就可以将精力放在业务增长上。


选择 Markworth,我们将根据您的需求,为您提供战略性和合规性的人力资源管理。我们的人力资源咨询服务将根据您的独特挑战、机遇、目标和内部政策量身定制。

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How can Markworth enhance the performance of my Odoo HR platform?

Markworth has the strategic expertise to manage your employees and optimize your business performance. We handle everything in terms of training, payroll, and HR advisor through your Odoo database, helping you to maximize the potential of your Odoo HR platform.

What types of HR tasks does Markworth handle?

Our specialists are equipped to handle a wide range of HR needs, including training, payroll, and HR advisor. We leverage the power of Odoo to automate and organize these HR processes, minimizing errors and freeing your time for core business operations.

How does Markworth handle employee training?

We manage the entire process of employee training through Odoo's eLearning module. Our team can develop interactive digital learning modules that allow your employees to acquire new skills and knowledge anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We also provide dynamic quizzes and surveys to assess knowledge retention in real-time.

How can Markworth simplify my payroll responsibilities?

Our specialists streamline your payroll duties by handling all payroll operations within the Odoo database, covering salary calculations, tax compliance, record-keeping, and reporting. We maintain flexibility to accommodate adjustments as needed, freeing you to concentrate more on business growth and less on administrative tasks.

What does Markworth's HR advisory service include?

Our HR advisory services are tailored to your unique business needs. We provide strategic and compliant HR management solutions that consider your specific challenges, opportunities, objectives, and internal policies.

Can I only choose one or two services instead of the complete HR package?

Yes, absolutely. You can select the services that best suit your requirements. Whether it's training, payroll, HR advisory, or a combination of these, we're here to provide the solutions you need.

If I only have a small team of 3 employees, can I still seek HR services from Markworth?

Yes, absolutely. Markworth is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes. Regardless of whether you have one employee or a thousand, our HR services are designed to cater to your specific needs. You can certainly choose our services to help manage and develop your team, no matter its size.



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